You may be wondering what the deal is with Dutch people and the colour orange. Indeed, the colour of the Dutch flag are red, white and blue — so there is no orange at all!  Then why do the Dutch wear orange during national celebrations?

Orange is the colour of the Dutch Royal family

The Dutch Royal family is to blame for this phenomena also referred to as ‘Oranjegekte’ (Orange craze) by the Dutch. The Dutch Royal family are descendants of the house of Oranje-Nassau. In 1544 this house was founded by William van Oranje. Oranje was just his last name, which also coincidently means orange in Dutch. To celebrate the monarchy the Dutch decided to wear orange on royal events. Nowadays, the royal Dutch family is still very popular and orange has become a symbol of unity for the whole country. That’s why the Dutch also wear orange at other national events. A fun way to experience the ‘Oranje gekte’ is at a popular Dutch even called ‘King’s day’ 

King’s day explained

King’s day is the time of the year that the Dutch celebrate the kings birthday. Most countries celebrate their monarchy with a prompt ceremony, but not the Dutch. The celebration begins on King’s Day eve (King’s night), with lots of music and alcohol.  Then, at 06:00 in the morning King’s Day starts with a giant open-air market invading the country’s sidewalks. There are also street-corner musicians and many, MANY, parties. Imagine millions of people on the street partying while wearing the colour orange, that basically sums it up.

Do you want to experience King’s day? It is usually celebrated on the 27th of April. Make sure to pack something orange!

Photo by FransA via Pexels

The reason why the Dutch wear orange

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